The Basics
 The purpose of this mod is to add an Elven Faction with new heroes, units, and structures to the real-time strategy game The Battle for Middle-Earth by EA Games. It is still in the making, and I do not have a release date set for it at this time. This mod will not be anything terribly revolutionary, but if your looking to get your Elven fix, this mod will suit you well enough.
 New Stuff

Factions: Elven Faction containing units and heroes from Mirkwood, Rivendell, the Grey Havens, Lothlorien, Edhellond, and Woody End.

Heroes: Arwen, Elrond, Galadriel, Celeborn, Haldir, Glorfindel, Thranduil, Gamling, Hama, Gothmog, Ugluk. All new heroes have their own unique skins, models, and special abilities. Also, Eowyn, Eomer, Merry, and Pippin will see some changes in the mod. Furthermore, Frodo and Sam will be recruitable from Gondor. (Please see the Heroes page for more information). All heroes (except the Nazgul, Lurtz, and the Witch King) have been given new, high resolution skins.

Units: Mirkwood Scouts, Spearmen of the Havens, Riders of Rivendell, Galadhrim Warriors, Amroth's Knights, Sentinels from Woody End, Royal Guards (mounted), Royal Guards (infantry), Eorlingas, Morgul Orcs. All new units have their own unique skins and models. (Please see the Units page for more information)

Buildings: Elven Citadel, Lorien Barracks, Rivendell Stables, Galadriel's Well, Tribute to the Valar, Armory, Defensive Flets, Elven Orchard, Mirkwood Lookout Tower. Rohan has had its Archery Range replaced by a Barracks. (Please see the Structures page for more information)


 - Do the Elves have a weakness? They look overpowered.

The Elves suffer from incredibly high prices in everything (battalions range from 300-800, heroes range from 1600-5000 (most of which are 3000-4000)), slow build times (especially in heroes), and smaller armies (battalion command points range from 15-25).

- Smaller armies? That's not what I saw in the trailer.

Smaller in comparison to the other factions. All three good factions have a command point limit range of 200-400 with the two evil factions having 400-800. Campaign command point limits have also been bumped significantly.

- Why is Arwen in the mod?

This mod relies heavily on a "what if" factor. The very premise of the mod - Elves from all over Middle-Earth joining to fight together in the Third Age - is a "what if": what if the Elves had the means to join forces in the War of the Ring. Following suit, Arwen has been added to the mod on the basis of "what if she were placed in the centre of action". We are constantly reminded by Tolkien that she bore the likeness of Luthien, that she seemed to be Luthien reincarnated. It's not too far fetched to say she may have also inherited Luthien's more adventurous qualities.

- Who's most powerful in the mod: Elrond, Galadriel, or Glorfindel?

Galadriel. This is based off many factors: she was a Noldo born under the light of the Two Trees in Valinor; she received teaching from the Valar and Melian; she bears Nenya; she was known as "the greatest of all Elven women" and later "the greatest of all Elves remaining in Middle-Earth [in the Third Age]". Glorfindel follows her in power (mod-wise).

- Do the Elves have seige weapons?

No. Instead they will have to rely on their "Summon Ent Allies" power and/or their heroes. Elrond, Galadriel, and Glorfindel all have special abilities that work well in seige situations. Elrond is able to take down gates, Galadriel can bring down citadels and gates, while Glorfindel can target numerous buildings at once.

- Will the computer be able to use all new stuff?


- How do I get my hands on the beta?

Head over to the Downloads page.

- Can I use any of the stuff in the mod (models, textures, animations, code, etc.) in my own mod?

Yes you can. All I ask in return is that I am given credit on both your mod's website and any documentation (readme, ingame credits, etc.) included with your mod's download. I also ask that you include a link to this site where ever you decide to give me credit. However, there are certain parts of the mod you MAY NOT use, or require special permission to use. Please refer yourself to the mod's Lisence for further information.

- When is the release date for the finished product?


 Have questions of your own?
If you have questions you'd like to ask, please stop by the Questions thread at the forums. Be sure to read the information given on the site before asking the question though.

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