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 Uploaded 28/11/06

 Uploaded 12/11/06

1. New Spearmen of the Havens (light armour, heavy armour, and banner carrier)

2. Level 1 Rohan Barracks with Eorlingas exiting.

3. Level 2 Rohan Barracks.

4. Royal Guards beside a level 3 Rohan Barracks.

5. Eorlingas without any upgrades.

6. Eorlingas in block formation with heavy armour.

7. Royal Guards in cross formation.

8. New Rohirrim light armour, heavy armour, and shield skins.

 Uploaded 07/10/06

  Uploaded 14/09/06

1. Asfaloth with his arched neck.

2. Fresh Elven castle.

3. Elven banners line the castle walls.

4. A level 1 Orchard.

5. Level 2 Orchards.

6. Level 3 Orchards.

7. Elven worker reparing an Orchard.

8. Rivendell Stables being made ready.

9. Completed Rivendell Stables.

10. Sentinel watches out from atop a Mirkwood Lookout Tower.

11. Mirkwood Scouts leave their level 2 Lookout Tower.

12. Two Flets stand at an opening in the castle walls.

13. Galadriel's Mirror being built.

14. Tribute to the Valar, Mirkwood Lookout Tower, and Galadriel's Mirror in the Elven castle.

15. Elven Armory being built.

16. A bannerman exits the Armory.

17. Outpost being set up.

18. Completed Elven Outpost.

19. Walls going up around a new Elven castle.

20. The new Galadriel model. Note how she literally glows on mid-day maps. I don't know why she does it - or how - but it looks neat.

21. Cirdan fights beside the other Elven heroes.

 Uploaded 14/09/06

1. Shrine in the south west corner of the map.

2. Mirkwood spiders lying in wait.

3. Spiders ambush the Gondorian troops.

4. Gandalf comes to the aid of Thranduil as spiders swarm the area.

5. Thranduil's troops repell the spiders.

6. Mirkwood camp.

7. The hordes of Dol Guldur arrive.

8. Orcs move in front of the gates of Dol Guldur.

9. Some of the giant spiders turn on their orc "allies".

10. Spiders and orcs assault the Free Peoples.

11. The Host of Celeborn arrives with the Blessings of the Golden Wood.

12. Galadriel and Celeborn lead the Galadhrim to repel an attack on their flank.

13. Thranduil and Celeborn meet at the gates of Dol Guldur.

14. Galadriel obliterates the hordes of evil.

Uploaded 19/08/06


1. Second level Trebuchet.

2. Second level Trebuchet in action.

3. Morgul Orc Archers.

4. Wargs make their way through the ruined gates of Minas Tirith.

 Uploaded 13/08/06


1. Gothmog leads the orc army against Minas Tirith.

2. Countless orc archers harass the White City's walls.

3. Lot's more seige towers for Mordor.

4. Gothmog orders the orcs to create a ring around the walls.

5. Grond brings down the great gates.

6. More Mumakil...

7. The Rohirrim join a Gondorian sortie.

8. Just so you can get the scope of the Mordor army. This is the palantir during the first attack wave.

  Uploaded 07/08/06

1. Gondor army in new light armour. Note that the trim on the archers is slightly different from the soldiers and knights. Also redid their shields.

2. New heavy armour for the Tower Guards. I liked the concept EA had for these guys, but it was just too much gold to go with Gondor's silvers and blacks.

3. EA's other Isengard heavy armour. Why they had to go with gold is beyond me. I, personally, don't think it's necessary that all heavy armour in the game should be signified by a given colour. Oh well, fixed it anyway.

4. Haldir and other marchwardens come to the aid of the Fellowship.

5. Celeglin awaits the Fellowship at the bridge.

6. The Fellowship aids the forces of Lorien.

7. w00t. Go Celeborn and Galadriel. lol, couldn't think of a better caption.

8. The starting heroes for Helm's Deep. Note Eowyn's costume.

9. Haldir arrives with his Elves. Note that the Galadhrim have a different unarmoured skin than the usual grey. I figured sticking with the gold would be more aesthetically pleasing. To match the new armour, the Helm's Deep Galadhrim light armour is stronger than the normal one.

10. A much larger first wave of Isengard attackers. Lots of ladders... Good luck keeping them away from the wall.

11 & 12. The Galadhrim hold the Deeping Wall.

 Uploaded 02/08/06


1. Elven Armory.

2. All (normal) Elven heroes.

3. Arwen's new Cranberry outfit.

4. Galadhrim Warriors make an attack on a Mordor outpost.

5. Mirkwood banner amidst the trees of the castle.

6. Amroth's Knights, ready for battle.

7. Arwen leads the Mirkwood Scouts and Amroth's Knights against Mordor.

8. Arwen's new Riding outfit.

9. Legolas and Celeborn.

10. Galadriel, Elrond, Arwen, Thranduil, and Glorfindel.

11. Avari Archers cover the Elven heroes.

12. Elven army.

13. The Elves wipe the last Mordor settlement in the area.

14. Hama and Gamling.

15 & 16. Gamling and the Rohirric archers.

17. Eowyn and Hama lead a charge of the Rohirrim.

18 & 19. Hama and the Royal Guards.

20. Merry in his new Rohirric garments.

21 - 23. Gothmog leads the Morgul Orcs against Gondor.

24. Sam bashes an orc's head in with his frying pan.

25. The new Gondor hero set.

26. Pippin atop the battlements of a Gondorian establishment.

 Uploaded 13/03/06


1. New Galadhrim Warrior unarmoured skin. To compliment this new skin, their armour value has been decreased.

2. Amroth's Knights with Horse Shields and Heavy Armour upgrades.

3. Arwen and Elrond in heavy armour.

4. Fully upgraded Riders of Rivendell, Spearmen of the Havens, Galadhrim Warriors, Haldir, and Legolas.

5. Elven heroes with the Galadhrim Warriors.

6. Haldir and the Galadhrim.

7. Legolas and the Mirkwood Scouts.

8. Cirdan by the Rivendell Stables.

9. Elven Heroes with the Lorien and Mirkwood archers.

10. Elven Army.

 Uploaded 14/10/05


Please note: As I have a slower computer, I must run on Low Graphics setting.

  Uploaded 24/07/05
 Here are the Avari Elves, freshly summoned by the Call of Cuivienen power. Please know that these guys will have random hair colours: I just didn't have that done when I took the screenshot. I little note on their colour scheme: I gave them brown to represent the deserts of Rhun that separate them from the rest of their kin; I also gave them blue to represent sea-side city of Cuivienen, the place that binds all Elves together. Oooooo... Getting all metaphorical on you.
 Uploaded 24/07/05

 Pictured are the Mirkwood Scouts, Galadhrim Warriors, Spearmen of the Havens, Celeglin, Haldir, and Arwen. For some reason, the cloaks on the Spearmen aren't showing up. Gunna have to fix this.

Here are all the above units, plus the Riders of Rivendell and minus Haldir and Celeglin. Ignore all banner carriers (especially the Riders') except the Galadhrim. Each will be given it's own unique banner carrier.

 Uploaded XX/06/05
 A shot of all the new Elven Heroes (Legolas hasn't been reskinned yet, so he's not in the shot). Note that Galadriel's not glowing: I've discovered that she only does it on sunny, midday maps. Still need to find the cause.
 Uploaded XX/06/05
 Note the odd glow on Galadriel. It's there on some maps, but not on others. Still trying to decide whether or not I like it. Pretty sure I don't. I'll have to look into this.

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