I know it's corny, but I feel the need to do this anyway. Firstly, I'd like to thank EA for this wonderful game. Their work is nothing short of magnificent. Next, I'd like to thank the entire The Third Age community for the endless support. Special thanks to Hostile, Grim, nickthemenace, ched, Dain Ironfoot, and anyone else who has ever helped me in my noobishness. Thanks to Vapula for Heroes mod which has helped me infinitely in coding, modelling, and skinning. I'd also like to thank Revora for hosting this website. Elrond's water horses are courtesy of halbarad. Good 'ole GothmogtheOrc is the one who finally got me exporting audio files properly: hats off to him!

Gotta thank my amazing Internal Beta testers, adummy, Elvenlord, and HunterGXO. Thanks for catching all those bugs and balance issues!

Thanks go out to Jacob for rocking my socks all night long.

I'd like to thank Peter Jackson, New Line, and the entire cast and crew of The Lord of the Rings for the masterful artistry that is their film trilogy. Finally, I'd like to thank Professor Tolkien. Let his legacy live on forever.

*end corniness ... now*

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