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I have set up an IRC channel for The Elven Alliance. For those who don't know what IRC is, it's basically a series of chatrooms (channels) in which you can talk about any number of things. To use IRC, you will need a client. There are a number of these available on the net, and the one I use is called mIRC. Installation is quite easy and any problems can probably solved on the mIRC site above. Here is a quick post by Blaat on how to connect to The Elven Alliance IRC channel:

Connect to the server by typing: /server in the window that opens on start up.

"After this you will have to choose a nickname. A nickname isn't 'yours' in that you don't need to register for one (although you can if you want, using the /nickserv command). You can just change nicknames without trouble (to change your nick name, type /nick and then the name you want to use). When you have it all ready you can connect to an IRC server. You'll get some text from the server and a text box. This box is where you type your text, but IRC also offers a lot of commands that you can use to do other interesting stuff.

One such command is the /join command (IRC commands always start with a slash) which lets you join a channel." To join the Elven Alliance channel type: /join #elvenalliance and you're all set!

Alternatively - so long as you have mIRC installed - you can simply click this link here:


I strongly encourage you to use the chatroom, especially for idle chatter and to set up online games. And even if there isn't anyone active in the channel, I ask that you leave the channel open so that you're around for when somebody does come by. This attempt to make your lives just a little easier can only succeed with your participation.

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