If you would like a link to your site to appear here, please contact me through the Forums. In no particular order:

The 3rd Age: Simply the best place for help modding BfME. With countless tutorials as well as excellent personal help from the community, you'll be modding total conversions in no time. Everything you could possibly want to know on strategy for BfME can be found here. Looking for a tournament? Stop by GR. And don't forget their replays!

Morgan Casey: An amazing songwriter/composer who has worked and is working on many great projects. Not only can her voice be heard on the radio, but she's also composing music for a number of video game related projects (including Rhovanion Alliance). I'm incredibly lucky to have her compose the song "Imladris Unleashed" for The Elven Alliance. Make sure to stop by her MySpace as well.

Lotr BFME: Another great place for news, strategies, mods, and just about everything else BfME. Make sure to check out the monthly Featured Strategies!

Realism Mod: The mod being created by a master of skinning and modeling: Dain Ironfoot. With this mod, he will make the game a much more realistic and immersive experience.

Rhovanion Alliance: My personal favourite. As you can see from the button above, there's very little this mod won't be doing. I swear, they have the kitchen sink in there somewhere!

GothmogtheOrc: A bunch of small mods all ready for download. He also has a Minas Morgul faction mod in the works (I'm doing some skins and models for it).

Romhaya Mod: A mod being created by Núkumnëhtar. It will play out through his extension of Middle-Earth's tales into the East.

Visions Mod: One of the first "real" mods to start production for BfME II. They plan to change the visual aspect of the game to better suit the Tolkien and the movies.

nickthemenace: This guy's done it all. Check out his Elves Mod, Hero Mod, First Age Mod, and all the other projects he's had a hand in creating.

Halbarad: An amazing coder and even better modeler (I'm totally serious, his stuff is nuts). Stop by his site to see some of his works.

Rhiea Mod Productions: Home of the upcoming "Scouring of the Shire" mod. Expect lots of cute hobbity stuff soon! Also helping out with the Massive Mod.

MeoSource: The best place for anything LotRO (formerly known as MEO). You won't find a better place for information on this upcoming MMORPG. Take a trip to their tavern: you'll enjoy yourself.



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